Covid-19 Guidance

Elegant Hair and Beauty will be following all of the Government and Industry Guidelines in respect of COVID-19. (To include the NHS Track and Trace)

In order to keep everybody safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we ask that you kindly adhere to the following guidelines whilst attending the Salon and on the Wedding Morning.


Leading up to your Trial and the Wedding Morning, you will be contacted to confirm whether You, Anyone in your household, or any Bridal Party Members having hair or makeup treatments confirm they do not have any of the following symptoms: -

  • The onset of a new and continuous cough?
  • Have a high temperature?
  • Have noticed a loss or change in the normal sense of taste or smell?
  • Are required to be self-isolating?

Please ensure all the members of your bridal party who are having hair or makeup treatments on the Wedding Morning do not have any of the symptoms above.

If the Client/Bride or any members of the Bridal Party has any of these symptoms, however mild, they should stay home.

The Stylist/Artist has the right to refuse treatments to the Client/Bride or members of the Wedding Party if anyone is showing any of the signs and symptoms, have a temperature or are generally unwell on the day of the wedding. If we have not been informed previous to this, it is at our discretion to decide the level of refund if any to be given.

We advise that the bride and bridal party take a rapid lateral flow test either the evening before or on the morning of the wedding before our arrival. You can order your tests for free from the website, click here to order, we would suggest this is done at least a week before the wedding to ensure they arrive in time.

You will be asked to complete and sign a Consent Form and check in with the Track and Trace.

Your temperature will be taken upon arrival before any treatments.

At the trial full names and phone numbers for all members of the bridal party having hair and makeup on the Wedding Day is required.

In the event, the Stylist/Artist has any of the above symptoms or they have been exposed or been in contact with anyone with symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate you will be contacted. All our best efforts will be made to find a recommended Stylist/Artist as a replacement. If not, a refund will be given for the Stylist/Artist who is unable to attend minus the deposit. The Stylist/Artist will be having regular lateral flow tests.

Wedding Day

Client/Bride Responsibilities to Stylist/Artist

  • Please confirm if anybody is having symptoms above, feeling unwell, been in contact with somebody or self-isolating.
  • Please ensure the room provided is large enough for good circulation of air with all windows and doors to remain open for the duration of the treatments
  • Please ensure face masks are worn during treatments (excluding makeup and medically exempt)
  • Any of the Bridal party coming into the room and not receiving treatments to wear a face mask unless medically exempt from doing so
  • The room needs to be clean, free from obstructions with an area big enough for the Stylist/Artist(s) to work
  • If there are several people to get ready on the wedding morning and more than one Stylist/Artist is needed, please ensure that there is at least 2 metres apart or another room is made available to enable the Stylist/Artist(s) to work in a COVID-19 secure way
  • Social distancing guidelines will need to be followed and may mean a “one in and one out” policy
  • Any music should be kept at a low level, this is to prevent shouting or raised voices
  • Children should be supervised at all times

Failure to observe safety measures will result in the Stylist/Artist not being able to provide the Hair and Makeup treatments.



  • The stylist/Artist will be wearing PPE and a Visor and Type 11 Face Mask for the duration of the treatment.
  • All equipment and products used to carry out your treatment will be sanitised before and after each use and in between each client.
  • Extra time will be allocated to each booking to allow Stylists/Artists to allow cleaning of equipment and surfaces between Clients. Timings will be adjusted to allow for this and confirmed with you.

April 2021

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